Willy the Wimp

Willy is very shy.
Whenever somebody knocks into him he says, "I'm sorry."
One night some gorillas stop him in the street. "I'm sorry," says Willy when a gorilla hits him. "Willy you are a wimp," say the gorillas.
Willy hates the name "wimp".
He starts jogging.
And he eats lots of bananas.
He goes to aerobics classes.
He learns how to box.
And he goes to a body building club.
Willy gets bigger ...and bigger ... and bigger.
And when he looks in the mirror he likes what he sees.
One day Willy sees the gorillas attacking Millie.
The gorillas run away.
"Oh...Willy," says Millie.
"What, Millie?" says Willy.
"You're my hero, Willy," says Millie.
"Oh...Millie," says Willy.
Willy is happy. He is not a wimp. He is a hero. BANG!
"I'm sorry," says Willy.

Willy the wimp - Lesson plan

1 Pre-teach the following words: shy, hit, wimp (someone disappearing into a mouse hole), hero, hate, mirror
2 Use picture book or OHP transparencies. Tell story twice. Second time: children have their eyes closed. Third time: elicit as many words as possible from the children.
3 Use three sets of copies of the pictures and three sets of the text (each sentence on separate slip of paper). Pics on wall/etc. In the groups children match sentences with pics.
4 Text on transparency. Read text aloud. Children read after teacher.
5 Hand out pictures and sentences. Children receive pics or/and sentences depending on the size of the class. One pupil reads out sentence another pupil holds up picture.
6 Jumbled sentences. Pics still on wall.

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