It was Tuesday evening around eight o’clock.
A lonely turtle sat on his log in the middle of a quiet pond.
When suddenly , from out of the bullrushes, little frogs glided overhead on green lily pads.
The frogs on the green lily pads scared away the big black birds on the telegraph wires.
The frogs couldn’t be stopped.
They hurried into town.

At 11.21 Bill was eating his supper..
The frogs glided past his window and into the garden.
The washing hung on the line, blowing gently in the wind.
The frogs couldn’t be stopped.

The frogs on the green lily pads hurried to Granny’s house.
They flew through the open windows .
They flew down the chimney.
They flew into Granny’s living room and there they stopped.
They changed the TV channel.
At 4.38 it was time to go home.
Granny’s unfriendly dog was loose in the yard.
But he couldn’t stop the frogs and they chased him away.
It was now getting lighter and the frogs had to get home.
The magic had gone and the green lily pads fell to the ground.
Quickly the frogs hopped and leapt the rest of the way home.

The next morning the police were trying to solve the mystery.
Who can explain the green lily pads lying all over the ground?

The next Tuesday , at 7.58, nothing was stirring in the farmyard.
Suddenly there were strange noises.

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