Three Cheers for Errol

Errol was a city rat.
He went to a poor school down a drain.
He was bad at maths.
He was bad at spelling.
He was bad at science.
He was bad at art.
"Oh, Errol! You’ve got no brains", they all said.
Every day after school, Errol hurried home.
He was no good at school work but he was very good at sport and he loved to train.
So the headmaster said to Errol, "Errol you'll represent our school in the city schools’ sports competition."
Errol’s rivals were rich rats.
They came from rich schools.
Angelica came from a rich school for girls.
Rodney came from a rich school for boys.
Jeanette came from the richest school in the city.
"We can’t let a poor school like Errol’s win," they said.
So they played a dirty trick on Errol.
Errol was badly hurt.
In the street he saw some acrobats.
Errol had an idea.
"I could do that", he said.
So he started training again.
When Errol arrived at the sports’ competition everybody laughed.
But Errol won the 25 m sprint.
And Errol won the high jump and
Errol won the javelin.
Errol won the swimming.
Errol even won the boxing.
‘What a brainbox !’ they said.

Dr Dog