The Sweetest Fig

Monsieur Bibot was a dentist. He had a dog called Marcel. Bibot was not nice to his dog. He was always very angry when Marcel jumped on a chair.

One morning, an old woman came to Bibot's office. She had got terrible toothache. Bibot looked in her mouth. "This tooth must come out," he said with a smile.

When Bibot wanted his money the woman gave him two figs. "The figs can make your dreams come true," said the woman. Bibot was very angry. He wanted money and not two figs.

That evening, Bibot ate one of the figs. It was very, very good. Marcel watched him, but Bibot didn't give anything to the poor dog.

In the morning, Bibot dragged Marcel down the stairs. Marcel had short legs and the steps were hard for him.

When Bibot came to the cafe at the corner all the people looked at him. Bibot was only wearing his boxershorts and undershirt.

Bibot quickly ran away. Then he remembered his dream. In his dream he had been in his boxershorts and undershirt and something strange had happened to the Eiffel Tower.

Then he saw it. The Eiffel Tower really looked very strange. Bibot ran home. The people didn't look at the man in his boxershorts and undershirt. They were all looking at the Eiffel Tower.

Bibot understood that the old woman had told him the truth. Now every night Bibot looked into the mirror and said, " Bibot is the richest man on earth."

And in his dreams he really was the richest man.

One evening, Bibot took the second fig from his cupboard. He put the fig on a plate and put it on the table. Tomorrow he would wake up as the richest man in the world.

But when Bibot turned round to get some cheese, Marcel jumped on the chair and ate the fig.

Bibot was furious! He wanted to catch Marcel and beat him, but Marcel hid under the bed.

When Bibot woke up the next morning, he was confused. He was not in his bed. He was under it. Suddenly Bibot saw a face appear. It was his own face. The face said, "Come to Marcel." A hand grabbed Bibot. He wanted to shout, but all he could do was bark.

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