Prince Cinders

Prince Cinders is small and skinny.
Look at his brothers. They are big and hairy.
Every night they go to the disco in their sports cars.
Prince Cinders has to clean up.
Prince Cinders is sad because he isn't big and hairy like his brothers.
One night a fairy falls down the chimney.
Prince Cinders says, "Can you help me, please?"
The fairy says, "Ziz Ziz Boom, Tic Tac Ta, here's a car."
The car is very small.
Then the fairy says, "Hey, hey, hey I'm a fairy and you shall be big and hairy."
Now Prince Cinders is big and hairy, but he looks like a monkey.
But in the mirror Prince Cinders sees a big and hairy man.
So off he goes to the disco.
But he can't get in. He is too big.
So he goes to the bus stop.
A pretty princess is waiting there. She is scared of the big and hairy monkey.
Suddenly a clock strikes midnight.
And Prince Cinders is small and skinny again.
"Thank you," says the princess, "I was so scared of the big monkey."
Princess Cinders runs away, but he loses his jeans.
Now the princess puts up posters.
She wants to find Prince Cinders.
Lots of princes try to put the jeans on. No luck.
Prince Cinders' brothers try to put the jeans on. No luck.
Then Prince Cinders put the jeans on. They fit.
The princess is happy.
The princess and Prince Cinders marry. They are very happy.
And what about the big, hairy brothers? They have to clean up.

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