I Want a Cat

Jessy wants a cat.
Her mum and dad always say, "No!"
They give her toy cats, but she wants a real cat.
Jessy has a plan. She makes herself a cat suit.
Next, she takes her shoes, jeans and sweater and buries them in the garden.
"Now I'm the cat in the house," she says.
On Monday, at school, Jessy jumps up on top of the blackboard.
"Please come down," the teacher says.
On Tuesday, in the restaurant, she eats her fish under the table.
Every day before she goes to bed, she has a bath with her suit on.
And she sleeps on the floor.
And sometimes, she gets up again and howls on the garden wall.
"Please give Jessy a cat," the neighbours say to her mum and dad.
So father buys a cat.
"Woof, woof," says Jessy, "I want a ..."

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