I’m Coming to Get You!

Deep in another galaxy, a spaceship rushes towards a planet.
The spaceship lands and a monster jumps out. "I'm coming to get you!" it shouts.
First, the monster runs after the banana people.
Then it eats the mountains and drinks all the water.
And it eats and eats until its big tummy is full.
Then it flies off to a beautiful blue planet, the Earth.
The monster sees Tommy Brown on its TV in the spaceship.
"I'm coming to get you!" it shouts.
Tommy is at home. He is listening to a story about monsters.
The spaceship comes closer and closer to the Earth.
When Tommy goes to bed, he looks for monsters in the hall and in the bathroom.
There are no monsters. He is happy and goes to bed.
The spaceship lands. The monster gets out and hides behind a rock. "I'm coming to get you in the morning," it says.
The next morning Tommy opens the door.
The monster jumps out from behind the rock and shouts, "I'm coming to get you!"

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