Dr Dog

1 This is the Gumboyle family.
2 And this is their dog. He is a doctor.
3 Dr Dog was in Brazil at a big conference with other doctors.
4 At home Grandad and the Gumboyle children got ill.
5 “Let’s call Dr Dog back,” said Ma Gumboyle.
6 So the Gumboyles sent a fax to Brazil. (We are all ill, please come home.)
7 So Dr Dog came home.
8 Kurt had a very bad cough. “It’s very stupid to smoke,” said Dr Dog.
9 “Smoking is very bad for your lungs. It fills the lungs up with dirty tar.”
10 Gerti never put on her raincoat. So she got a bad cold.
11 “Your tonsils look bad,” said Dr Dog.
12 So he took her tonsils out.
13 Kev Gumboyle was scratching his head.
14 “He’s got lice in his hair.”
15 Dr Dog put smelly shampoo on Kev’s hair.
16 Baby Gumboyle never washed his hands after going to the toilet.
17 He was scratching his bum. “He’s got worms,” said Dr Dog.
18 Dr Dog gave Baby Gumboyle some medicine to kill the worms.
19 Fiona Gumboyle had earache.
20 Dr Dog gave Fiona some medicine.
21 Grandad had too many baked beans and too much beer.
22 He got a tummy ache.
23 So Grandad went to the toilet.
24 He farted so much that he went right through the roof.
25 Now Dr Dog got ill. “Too much stress,” said his doctor. You need a holiday.
26 So Dr Dog went away.
27 “Oh, no,” said Dr Dog when he saw the bottle. (See you soon. The Gumboyles.)

Chant zum Text passend.
Kurt has got a cough,
a bad cough.
Dr Dog, Dr Dog.
Gerti has got a cold,
a bad cold.
Dr Dog, Dr Dog.
Kev has got lice,
lots of lice.
Dr Dog, Dr Dog.
The Baby’s got worms,
lots of worms
Dr Dog, Dr Dog.
Fiona’s got earache,
terrible earache.
Dr Dog, Dr Dog.
Grandad’s got tummy ache,
terrible tummy ache.
Dr Dog, Dr Dog.
Oh, dear, oh dear,
what a mess.
Six ill Gumboyles
that’s a lot of stress.

Lesson plan

Preteach the following words: ill, bad, to smoke, cough, lungs, dirty tar, a cold, tonsils, scratch, lice, smelly, bum, worms, earache, tummy ache, to fart, roof, bottle
Possible post-text activities:
1 Worksheet with pics of important words and phrases. Pic have numbers and children write numbers against words or phrases.
2 Copies of pages on wall, children work in small groups of two or three. The first three groups (9 kids) receive the first nine sentences of the text in jumbled order. They look at the pics on the wall and order their sentences. Groups 4-6 receive sentences 10-18, groups 7-9 receive sentences 19-27. Teacher reads out text and children check.
3 Teacher presents pictures again and elicits story from the children. (Textreconstruction)
4 Chant
5 Erarbeitung eines Dialogs
6 Worksheet: family
Concerning the article we could say that the children have received the sentences in three batches (Groups 1-3 sentences one to nine, etc. They have to order the sentences. As a resource the picture book should be available for the children to check. At home each child draws one illustration which fits each respective sentence. All the illustrations and sentences taken together make up the book, illustrated by the children. Download: read.dr.dog.doc [68 KB]

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