"Stone Cold" by Robert Swindells

1. What's the book about? -) family problems - fleeing from stepfather -) homelessness among young people -) falling in love
2. My opinion: Very interesting for a 14-year-old student, but I think they have to be quite good at English.
3. Opinion of a 17-year-old student: This boy said that he would be very interested in reading this book.
4. Vocabulary: "up-to-date" words, slang words, special English words (young) people use on the street
5. Experience: I haven't had the chance to give this book to a student so far. If you were interested in a student's experience (opinion) please let me know. Credit to Sabine Rozaj

"Gemini 7" by Jordan Cray

Jonah, a young American boy, has a girlfriend but he thinks that is not enough so he gets himself another one.Even she is just a cybergirl-friend, she is a dream come true (a knockout). But then she turns up in his hometown, and Jonah discovers his dream turning into a nightmare. A bit boring at the beginning but becomes very exciting and thrilling. ***** stars means don’t miss it.
Suitable for 4 th classes 1st and 2nd groups or older students. Contains mainly American teenage language but is quite easy to understand. Even I had hardly any problems. ISBN Nr. 0-689-81432-1 Credit to Christian Böhm

"Two weeks with the Queen" by Morris Gleitzman

The story about a 13year-old boy who envies his little brother because he thinks he is the preferred one ends in a great love between the two. Topics like Cancer, AIDS, gayness are sensitively woven in and gives the book a present-day interest. Nicely written, in a captivating style. Though the language might be a bit difficult for our fourth-formers I think they could grasp the meaning. A book that I can recommend. ISBN 0-330-31376-2 Credit to Michaela Zellhofer

Lottery winner

Everybody wants to win the lottery. A million pounds, perhaps five million, even ten million. How wonderful! Emma Carter buys a ticket for the lottery every week, and puts the ticket carefully in her bag. She is seventy-three years old and does not have much money. She would like to visit her son in Australia, but aeroplane tickets are very expensive. Jason Williams buys lottery tickets every week too. But he is not a very nice young man. He steals things. He hits old ladies in the street, snatches their bags and runs away ...
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Credit to Helga Popp


The book is based on three childrens adventure in the harsh Australian Outback. It involves two American children whose plane has crashed. They set out to find the closest city, but are soon terribly lost in the great vastness that is the Australian Outback. They then encounter a Aboriginal boy who is on quest to prove his manhood. The Aboriginal pities the children, and takes them under his wing, teaching them the ways of the desert. The contrast between the Aboriginals fine tuned senses and those of the childrens is quite intresting. They find out that all their knowledge is quite useless, and that they will have to adapt to the desert.
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Credit to Helga Popp